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Birth Plan Companion

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Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin when making a birth plan.

And sometimes you want something more than the checklist templates that pop up first on a Google search.

That’s where The Birth Plan Companion comes in!

This is a 19-page mini workbook that makes sure you’ve considered your most important choices before labor begins and through each stage of labor.

You’ll find questions to ask yourself and options to learn about before labor begins, to help set your birth environment, during all three stages of labor (dilation & effacement, pushing & birth, placenta birth), and for the immediate postpartum.

Going through these questions will help you know your baseline knowledge of birth and where you need to research more, or ask more questions to your provider, doula, or childbirth educator.

There are also questions to ask your OB, midwife, and/or doula to make sure everyone is on the same page.

You’ll also find blank templates to fill in with your own birth preferences.

> Get your copy of the Birth Plan Companion now! <

Want to dive deeper after you review your guide? I am also available for a virtual 60-minute session to help answer all of your birth-related questions and provide you with additional resources to help you feel as prepared as possible.

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