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Body Ready Method – Revolutionizing the Way We Approach Birth!


Birth is such a life-changing event.  It can be downright scary to wonder if you’ve done everything possible to prepare.


Have you spent time wondering what your birth might look like or how your body will know what to do?


It really is amazing – your physiology, your hormones, your instinct – it’s all there ready to do its job and bring your baby earthside 😍.


The thing is, modern life has interfered and made us forget.


We’ve lost our natural birthing instincts. 

We have medicalized a physiological process that your body was designed for.


By doing this and concentrating on negative outcomes, we have lost the ✨ magic and 💪 empowerment that comes with an efficient, effective birth.


Medical interventions have their place and are responsible for saving many lives, but they have become overused and routine when birth is not going smoothly.


Often something as simple as a change of position can be enough to get labor going again, but many medical providers and birthing people just don’t know this anymore.


Modern life has a lot to answer for.


I bet you sit a lot, either on the couch, watching TV, or at a desk.


Don’t get me wrong, chairs are not evil 👿…


But so much of what we now do on a daily basis is not helping your body be ready to give birth.


Our ancestors were all about squatting, walking and moving their bodies in ways we don’t do much of  today. In fact, most of us only squat when a workout tells us to 🤸 (if that!).


Help your body remember what it was designed for with BRM®’s cutting edge new program – Body Ready Birth.


Body Ready Birth will train your body to remember what the modern world made it forget – how to birth your baby intuitively 👣!

BRM gives your body the chance to:

  • Experience birthing positions before labor
  • Build neural pathways from your brain to your body
  • Create mobility in your pelvis
  • Address common musculoskeletal issues that often slow down labor
  • Prepare all 3 levels of your pelvis for birth


Help My Body Remember


Birth is unpredictable, but coming prepared can make a huge difference.


Check out the Body Ready Method and give yourself the most comprehensive way to prepare your body for birth.  Use code resilientbirth to score $10 off!

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