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The Moon Month

Sacred Postpartum E-Course

A month of inspirational and educational emails, herbal recipes, journal prompts, and more to help you have a relaxing, healing, and empowered postpartum journey.


After 10 months of anticipation and excitement, many women are left in the dark feeling overwhelmed and confused by the emotional and physical changes they experience during postpartum.


Why do I feel such mixed emotions?

Breastfeeding is harder than I imagined!

Is this normal infant behavior?

I feel alone and overwhelmed!


Traditionally, the first 30 days postpartum are seen as a sacred window of time where women should rest, eat nourishing foods, and be supported by family and friends.


What if someone could check in with you each day to offer a small bit of wisdom about the changes you are experiencing? Someone who was rooting for you and your baby, offering tidbits of loving advice, recipes, and ways for you to reflect on your monumental transition?


If this is of interest to you, please let me know!


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