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Violets Galore!

It’s that time of year when beautiful purple violets are popping up everywhere!  They’re such a a fun way to teach kids about a wild foods while enjoying a backyard snack, and they’re a lovely addition to summertime salads.

Not only are they slightly sweet and tasty, but they have some cooling and soothing medicinal benefits as well.

Here’s a roundup of some of my favorite resources for learning more about these backyard medicines.

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Violet Recipes

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Violet Recipes – Gather Victoria

Violet-Infused Soap

This morning my girls also helped me to infuse some violet flowers into some palm-free melt and pour soap.   Although I prefer cold process soap for making herbal-infused soaps, this is a quick and easy way that is  more accessible to kids (however, here’s a recipe for a cold-process soap you can make with violets if you’re interested).  I was inspired to do this recipe today by Jan Berry’s beautiful book: Easy Homemade Melt & Pour Soaps.

We began by cutting a 1 lb block of clear palm-free soap into cubes and adding them to mason jars.  We gathered about 3/4 cup violets and placed them with the soap.  The mason jars were placed in a water bath on the stove where we melted the soap over medium-high heat. 

Once the soap had melted, we let the violets continue to infuse into the soap for another 40 minutes. 

Heating the soap and violets in a double boiler.

After everything had melted and infused, I added 3 drops of India Tree decorating color blue and 1 drop of red to help bring out the purple-blue hue to the soap. We added 1/2 tsp. of lavender essential oil for scent and mixed it all together.

We placed several freshly-picked violets in the bottom of our molds and poured the soap mixture over top.

Pouring the strained soap mix into molds with some violet flowers placed on the bottom.
She’s so happy with it!
Violet-infused soap!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy violet season?

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